See Malacca in a Day Trip

Have you ever been to Malacca? If you haven’t, and you live in or near Kuala Lumpur, or are planning to visit, you need to go. Malacca is said to be the most historical state in Malaysia. In addition to the beautiful buildings and gardens, it is also home to a gorgeous beach and a lush river. If you have the opportunity to visit Malacca, don’t pass it up. Every moment of a trip to Malacca is worth it, especially if you are already in Kuala Lumpur. Many of Malacca’s attractions can be seen in an easy day trip from Malacca.

Jonker Street
If you love finding great bargains, or you want to buy the best souvenir for the lowest price, then Jonker Street is the place to go. Jonker Street holds a night market with endless rows of stalls selling street food, many different types of live music, and kind people. It’s a one of a kind market that can only be found in Malacca.

Malacca Butterfly Sanctuarydownload (13)

If you love viewing nature but finding chasing after it to be tiresome, the calmness of The Malacca Butterfly Sanctuary is something you will appreciate. Of course you can view many different species of beautiful butterflies, but this sanctuary is also home to something more exotic. The Sanctuary also features many species of reptiles, such as snakes and lizards. It’s a safe way to view some of the more interesting creatures of the area in safety and peace.

Melaka Sultanate Palace

The Melaka Sultanate Palace is a replica of a palace, but was built in the same style and using the same methods as the old palaces. While it may not hold the same historical value as a restored building, Melaka Sultanate Palace is a great place for students and lovers of architecture. Children will also love the palace for the opportunity to pretend they are living there as princes and princesses.

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museumdownload (14)

If you are interested in seeing what Malacca was like in the olden days, you should definitely check out the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum. The exhibits there feature many old pictures and historical relics from Malacca in years past. It’s like walking into a piece of the history of Malacca without leaving the present day.

Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park

The Mini Malaysia & ASEAN Cultural Park is a theme park with attractions showing the traditional homes of the native Malaysians and homes from every country in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It’s a fascinating place to visit if you are interested in the local and regional culture. After the busyness of Jonker Street, the Cultural Park is a great go-to spot to calm down and relax while still enjoying yourself.

There are many other exciting and interesting places in Malacca to visit. This list includes just a few. However, it should be clear that Malacca, even the parts of you can visit in a day from Kuala Lumpur, has something for everyone. Whether you like shopping, natural wonders, architecture, or cultural exploration, you will find something to do in Malacca. Find out more here.

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